Design Philosophy

BurntWood is a small scale, high-end, furniture designer and maker based in Christchurch.

Design Philosophy

One-off designs

The design ethos at BurntWood is to work with the timber’s natural beauty. Each fletch has its own characteristics and two pieces are never the same.
The design is often created by introducing strips of recycled wood to a slab of timber. The matching of each piece is a carefully considered process, driven by colour, texture and form.
The timber and inserts are cut and glued several times, over several days, until the desired look is achieved.
The process is done by hand and has a certain randomness to it which, in turn, makes each piece unique and the final look unrepeatable.

The Timber

The timber is purchased from three sources.

Recycled timber

Untreated timber that was used before for housing, structures, and furniture.

Residential felling

This timber is sourced from small scale felling such as wind damaged tree removal services from urban areas

Forest trees

Sourced from sustainable felling operations, such as West Coast Beech, and as certified by MPI.

Design Driven By Wood.

As we do not use clear fell timber for BurntWood furniture, our logs are sourced individually and in person to check for quality, colour and size. Hence, the design is driven by the timber that is available to us and is ready to be worked on.
The timber is milled by us specifically to follow our furniture design philosophy.
Our design is scalable and can be adapted to large tables or small cup coasters.